What is PHP

PHP is a open source, interpreted and object-oriented scripting language i.e. executed at server side. It is used to develop web applications (an application i.e. executed at server side and generates dynamic page).

  • PHP is a server side scripting language.

Server-side scripting is a technique used in web development which involves employing scripts on a web server which produce a response customized for each user’s (client’s) request to the website. Server-side scripting is often used to provide a customized interface for the user.

  • PHP is an interpreted language, i.e. there is no need for compilation.

An interpreted language is a type of programming language for which most of its implementations execute instructions directly and freely, without previously compiling a program into machine-language instructions. … Java and C# are compiled into bytecode, the virtual-machine-friendly interpreted language.

  • PHP is an object-oriented language.

Object-oriented language was primarily designed to reduce complexity in typical procedural languages through data binding and encapsulation techniques. In object-oriented language, the objects created provide limited or no access to other functions or methods within the program. … Encapsulation.

  • PHP is an open-source scripting language.

There are different programming languages currently in use, of which some areopen source while others are proprietary. Open source basically refers to a program in which the source code is available to the public, free of cost, for use or for modification from its original design.

  • PHP is simple and easy to learn language.

PHP Features

There are given many features of PHP.

  • Performance: Script written in PHP executes much faster then those scripts written in other languages such as JSP & ASP.
  • Open Source Software: PHP source code is free available on the web, you can developed all the version of PHP according to your requirement without paying any cost.
  • Platform Independent: PHP are available for WINDOWS, MAC, LINUX & UNIX operating system. A PHP application developed in one OS can be easily executed in other OS also.
  • Compatibility: PHP is compatible with almost all local servers used today like Apache, IIS etc.
  • Embedded: PHP code can be easily embedded within HTML tags and script.
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